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Säckpipa - Authentic Swedish Bagpipe

Swedish Bagpipe ('Säckpipa') is a little known traditional Scandinavian instrument.
This particular one has been hand-crafted from unique combination of olive tree wood.

Säckpipa fits well with indoor "chamber" settings - it is strong enough to match a medium vocal group yet not too overpowering for an acoustic combo with guitar, harp or a zither (or a hurdy-gurdy! ;) ). It is a single-reed instrument with its drone open "E" matching the octave of its 'closed' chanter (both 'pipes' use practically identical reeds).

I also managed to capture its unique 'flutter/tremolo' ornament available only for some parts of the chanter. These are available in patch' highest velocity layer (more about velocity layers below).

This library includes four patches (chanters includes three expressive velocity layers):

* Sackpipa - Swedish Bagpipe: Instrument sampled in its natural scale of E/A - every note has been sampled accordingly including characteristic three-hole drone;

* Sackpipa - Swedish Bagpipe CHROM: As above but with more notes added for more melodic/tonal flexibility in you project!

* Sackpipa - Swedish Bagpipe CHANTER LEGATO: Just a chanter (extended with chromatic notes) and "equipped" with a legato script - ### PLEASE NOTE: MOVE YOUR MODWHEEL ONCE THIS PATCH IS LOADED TO "KICK-START" THE SCRIPT ###

* Sackpipa - Swedish Bagpipe DRONE (whimsically called Dr.One): Just a drone - extended, twisted, lowered, didgeridoo'ed - but also including the original three notes. For a pure droning pleasure...

The instrument is using three velocity layers assigned to a different levels of performance expressiveness:

* LOW velocity gives us smooth natural note
* MEDIUM velocity gives us more attack with a slight touch of grace notes
* HIGH velocity gives us more 'grace note' kick with a dash of tremolo "flutter" (characteristic ornamentation) + characteristic 'gliss' in higher registers

Please note that the Sackpipa is a very temperamental instrument thus slight intonation fluctuations are a part of its natural characteristics - I wanted to preserve these as well so it is all in there!

I also would like to mention that this is the very first library of Swedish Bagpipe in E/A for Kontakt. I can't believe no one ever sampled this "cute" yet powerful instrument before!

Thank you all for your support.


Piotr (Peter) Nowotnik

Developed in Kontakt 5.4.2 so you'll need this version or above to use this library.
Library will only load in 'demo' mode in the free Kontakt Player.

* Requires full version of Kontakt


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