Lira Korbowa III - burDron

"Lira Korbowa III - burdRon" [v1.0] *** a.k.a. Medieval Synthesizer ***

This instrument is compiled entirely from re-tuned "bourdon" strings (drones) of a Polish Hurdy-gurdy. The original recorded Lira is normally tuned in C/G however, for this Kontakt library, each of its drones has been retuned and recorded in 24bit depth for more authentic sound.

All sounds in this third instalment of "Lira Korbowa - Authentic Polish Hurdy-gurdy" library are organically extracted from the instrument built by Stanislaw Wyzykowski - one of the pioneers of hurdy-gurdy revival. No preservatives or frozen imports here!

*** Thanks to Alraun (KSP-AudioSex Academy) for his filter script! ***

The keyboard is divided into three zones: Left: processed double "D" stretched across one octave for extra low drone Middle: drones including chromatic notes Right: natural harmonics relayed into a playable chromatic keyboard Velocity layers controls the friction: from slow wheel turning when a string is barely making a sound to high speeds when string is almost losing its grip on the wheel! Harmonics have its natural sound divided into two velocity layers: low - for natural sounds; top - for vibrato (yes! harmonics + vibrato :) )

Also, don't be surprised if some TOP velocities will 'stall' the string! That what's happening if wheel is turned too fast - a harmonic chaos I couldn't help to capture :) This and more sonic surprises inside - just like with a real hurdy-gurdy. * 4 round robins - for more organic hurdy-vibe! * including all hurdy-gurdy grittiness! knocks, squeaks, imperfections * on average, 16 samples per drone notes, 8 samples per harmonic note * one single patch that cover it all * authentic sound without over-stretching the original recordings

Ever dreamed about your own Medieval Synthesizer?
This is it. I wish you all a lot of fun with the "burdDron"!

Developed in Kontakt 5.4.3 so you'll need this version or above to use this library.

Library will only load in 'demo' mode in the free Kontakt Player.

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