Yamaha MO6/8's instrument setting "OrchDrummer" (Orchestral Drummer) is one of the most useful presets if one is into DrumLine/FunkyArmy/Militaria/OgreDance styles and beyond.

This instrument is wholeheartedly delivered from those legendary samples including MO's characteristic 'flangy' touch.

All samples are mastered separately and assempled into 60 patters. Each pattern consists of 4 loops (snare, BD, timp, cymbal). Total 240 loops, all synchoronised to play along the tempo of your host.



[v1.0] ***************************

1. MOrcDrum is a recording of ‘OrcDrummer’ (Orchestral Drummer) ensemble setting of the YAMAHA MO6 synthesizer. The recording is a hybrid of recordings through the SPDIF and analogue output of the instrument.

  • Total of 240 loops
  • 120 loops per tempo
  • 4 instrumental loops (snare, bass drum, timpani, cymbal) per ‘phrase’
  • 30 phrases per patch
  • 0.5GB of audio material (uncompressed) - 200MB after NIK own compression

2. Patches

  • MOrcdrum_65: 65BPM – using Time Machine Pro to sync with the host
  • MOrcdrum_100: 100BPM – using Time Machine Pro to sync with the host

3. Layers

Each patch consists of total 120 loops recorded in the indicated tempo. Four loops per ‘phrase’.
30 different phrases. Four loops (snare drum, bass drum, timpani, cymbal) are controlled through
the ‘Layers’ tab where each of them can be switched on/off or its volume adjusted.

4. Requires a full version of KONTAKT, version 5.5.1

5. Enjoy!!! :)

Piotr Nowotnik

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